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Please read what our clients say about us

Sarah Geraghty

Anna is such a great Chiropractor.  Ive seen Anna throughout my 3 pregnancies to make sure I’m as comfortable as possible and in the best shape before each of their births… I always felt her treatments were gentle yet super effective.  Ive also seen Anna for regular treatment and have benefitted from seeing her every time.  Anna is such a positive and energetic person, I always look forward to treatments with her and I always feel some of that positive energy rubs off on me, as well as the benefits of the treatment!

Sam F

Anna has been my chiropractor for a couple of years now and what can I say. Not only has she done wonders on my back, but she is a down to earth, lovely, empathic lady who is a fantastic listener and always there to give me great advice

Jane Catto

Anna is life giving!
Both in her caring chiropractic adjustments and her zest for life. I always feel amazing after a treatment not just becase I'm now perfectly aligned but because she somehow makes me feel like I can do anything!
Her coaching sessions are inspiring too, full of wisdom and insight. Would highly recommend a visit


You created a very comfortable space for me to share. Through: clearing the space with a lot of ease, lightness and joy, through the positive energy you brought into each call, your presence (I felt you being with me all the way all the time). 

More than comfort, I felt invited to share with you. I felt supported and cheered up by you. I felt that you have my back and come from a place of seeing (my) potential. 

You created a very open space for me to share. Not bringing in your own agenda.

You created strong and authentic rapport.

Moved me out of my thought patterns a couple of times, with good awareness and questions: "How will you celebrate this?", sharing when you noticed that I might take on an extra "productive and ambitious" perspective on action items because we were in our coaching partnership


After over a year of struggling with a bad neck, headaches and migraines, my wife set up a chiropractor appointment. I told Anna I've never been to one before, so Anna talked me through all the adjustments and checks and how my neck and back were moving. I had no idea how bad my neck was. I'm feeling so much better and have movement in my neck again. Thanks Mindful Chiropractic I'll be booking up again

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